Alpha Arbutin Brightening Cream

Alpha Arbutin Brightening Cream
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Alpha Arbutin – the more effective, faster and safer approach to skin lightening. Its amazing melanin-inhibiting properties to promote lighter, more even tone for all skin types and is considered to be a remarkable facilitator in the quest for brighter skin. Daily use of Alpha Arbutin Brightening Cream combined with the discipline of daily sunscreen use will result in maximum reduction of hyperpigmentation. 

Directions: Apply a thin layer every evening over cleansed and toned skin.


熊果素 -更有效,更快速,更安全的美白成份。清爽不油腻,而且容易吸收的美白凝霜。防止黑色素的形成及改善皮肤暗沉的困扰。每天使用熊果素美白凝霜及防晒霜可以使肌肤光滑亮白,减少斑点及雀斑。


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