100% Pure Titanium Dioxide

100% Pure Titanium Dioxide
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Provides skin with the broadband protection of Titanium Dioxide to prevent harmful damage caused by exposure to the sun's UVA and UVB rays. 100% Pure Titanium Dioxide is formulated with purified water to reduce the risk of allergic reaction. Pure Titanium Dioxide allows for a custom application of sun protection. Applying a few drops will provide you with the added protection you need.                                                                                            
Suitable for all skin types.  

二氧化钛能够为皮肤提供广泛的光线保护,使肌肤免受UVA和 UVB紫外线的伤害。 100%纯二氧化钛是配以纯净水制成,以减低过敏反应的机率。按照您的防晒需要,您可以自行决定纯二氧化钛的用量。只需几滴纯二氧化钛水,就能够为您提供皮肤所需要的额外保护。

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