About Us


We are passionate and devoted to share our beauty recipes and experience with our customers. 

Our philosophy is simple. 

"We strive to offer the highest quality products, 
using innovative and advanced formulations,
to deliver visible and lasting results for the
beauty and well-being of our customers."

Along with our quest for perfection, we are eager to spread out excellent products to all who are in need of solutions to their daily skincare routine. 

Over the time, loyal customers have become the best witnesses and referral source for our products.


All Beauty Line's imported skincare products are manufactured in Switzerland. They are manufactured in accordance to The Health Regulations of Switzerland and European Cosmetics Derictives. There are items which are licensed to be locally processed and packaged. All the procedures are being carried out in a cleanroom environment which is in strict compliance to the Registration of Cosmetic Products and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice - an international quality system) requirements. 

We are highly committed to: 


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